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About OneLondon

Making the right information available to health and care professionals at the right time can save lives and improve the safety and quality of the treatment and care you receive.

Shared information can also help improve the way we plan our health and care services for the future, meet the needs of all of London’s communities and give you more control over your own care.

That is why OneLondon is:

  • Connecting health and care staff to the London Care Record so they have the latest details about a patient when they need it

  • Joining up data from across London in a secure way to support improvements in health and care

  • Helping give you more access to your health records and more control over your health and care

OneLondon is working with the public to deliver these improvements in the Capital. In 2020 we held the world’s largest public deliberation on the use of health and care data and continue to work closely with Londoners as we join up information.

What is OneLondon

OneLondon was created in May 2018 to work together with Londoners to transform services by joining up information to support fast, safe, effective care. We are a collaborative of London’s five Integrated Care Systems (health and care partnerships formed by NHS organisations and local councils) and the London Ambulance Service. We are supported by NHS England (London region), the Greater London Authority and London’s three Health Innovation Networks. 

Click on the map below to find out more about each of London’s five Integrated Care Systems.

May 2023 marked OneLondon’s 5th anniversary.

We have made real progress joining up information to improve health and care.

OneLondon Board and Governance

OneLondon is part of NHS England London which has oversight and leadership over NHS services across London. All of OneLondon’s governance sits within NHS England London. This includes the OneLondon Board that has representatives from each of London’s Integrated Care Boards and the London Ambulance Service. This is the senior decision-making body and its responsibilities include agreeing our work plan, monitoring performance against this and ensuring we operate to the highest standards at all times.

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