London Health Data Strategy (LHDS) Programme


With a population of around ten million people London has some of the most extensive health datasets in the world. However they are not currently being used to their full potential meaning there are untapped opportunities for data to support improved health and care in the Capital.

The London Health Data Strategy (LHDS) programme was set up by the NHS in London to grasp these opportunities. It is supported by five London Universities, OneLondon, Health Data Research UK and NHS England and is part of a shared ambition to make London the healthiest global city, and the best global city in which to receive health and care services.

The LHDS mission is to join up data from across London in a secure way to provide health and care insights on Londoners, connect research and clinical care and drive collaboration between existing initiatives to make London a world-leader in the use of data to improve health outcomes.

In 2020 the OneLondon Citizens’ Summit took place. This was the largest public deliberation of its kind, where Londoners supported joined up data being used to support individual care, proactive care, planning and research. In 2022 further public deliberation events took place. The recommendations from these events, and ongoing public involvement in the programme, are informing work as it develops.

Key developments

Four Pathfinder Projects were approved in 2021 and are making progress joining up and using data in the key areas of cancer pathways, asthma, hypertension and pre-school immunisation.

Applications have now opened for new Data at Scale Improvement Projects that will help to further shape the policies, infrastructure, governance, data strategies and public engagement of the programme as it develops.

Continued public engagement is central to the LHDS programme as it moves forward.

Key documents

Download the London Health Data Strategy here

Download the public recommendations from the 2020 Citizen Summit here

Download the public recommendations from the 2022 deliberation events here

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