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Health and care staff view London Care Record over one million times a month

10 October 2022

Frontline health and care staff are now viewing the London Care Record over one million times a month helping them provide faster, safer and more effective care across London and neighbouring areas.

The London Care Record was introduced in March 2020 and is a single and secure view of a person’s health and care information. It lets health and care professionals involved in a person’s care see important details about their health when and where they need them.

It can show doctors, nurses, paramedics and other care professionals any conditions a person has, their test results, medicines they take, anything they are allergic to and plans for their care. This helps speed up communication between care professionals, improve the safety of care and can save lives.

Each month around 50,000 different health and care professionals are now viewing the London Care Record over one million times in total. This brings total views of the London Care Record since March 2020 to over 19.5 million.

OneLondon is working to connect more health and care providers to the London Care Record so as many frontline staff as possible across London and neighbouring areas can access it.

Luke Readman, Director of Digital Transformation NHS London Region, said:

“The London Care Record is going from strength to strength thanks to the hard work of everyone involved in the OneLondon programme. From our technical and clinical experts who design the London Care Record, to those training our doctors, nurses, paramedics and others in how to use it, you are making a real difference to the care people receive in the Capital and beyond. With more connections planned together we will help even more frontline staff provide faster, safer and more effective care.”

Dr Sanjay Gautama, Clinical Informatics Lead for London, Consultant Anaesthetist, Chief Clinical Information Officer, and Caldicott Guardian for Imperial College Healthcare Trust NHS, said:

“It’s great news that the London Care Record is now being viewed over one million times a month. Feedback from my colleague CCIOs across London is that it is a ‘must have’ tool. Working in a busy NHS Trust I see first hand the positive difference it is making. It allows me to have a more informed conversation with my patients, providing them with assurance but also significantly increasing the clinical safety through having the right information in the right place at the right time.

“There is no doubt that the London Care Record is helping improve the health and care of Londoners, and will continue to do so as we build on the information being shared from within and outside London, and also the London Ambulance Service.”

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