How does the London Care Record work?

Each of London’s five Integrated Care Systems, in addition to Hertfordshire and West Essex,  Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes, Suffolk and North East Essex and Oxford, have their own systems for sharing data within their own local areas:

The London Care Record brings the information in these systems together securely and allows different health and care providers from across London and its surrounding areas to view it.

This means it can be seen by members of your health and care teams who are providing you with care and treatment in the region including doctors, nurses and other care professionals such as social workers, health assistants and therapists.

Only health and care staff directly involved in your care can view your information. Your local health and care teams monitor and log access to the London Care Record to make sure that it is being used appropriately.

The following graphic shows how information from across London and neighbouring areas is joined up through the London Care Record. It is based on a product called the Health Information Exchange (or HIE) from Cerner UK. A central Health Information Exchange is connected to a series of local Health Information Exchanges enabling data to be shared and accessed by health and care professionals across London.

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