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The London Care Record provides a summary of a person’s GP record including their diagnoses or problems, test results, current medications and allergies. It also includes their upcoming appointments, hospital discharge summaries, other clinical correspondence and plans for their care as well as the different teams involved in their care.

It brings together up to date information from:

  • London’s GP surgeries and most acute hospitals as well as the London Ambulance Service;
  • some local authorities, community health and care services, out of hours services and other NHS 111 and mental health services; and
  • some areas neighbouring London.


You can find an up to date list of health and care organisations who share information in the London Care Record here.

The London Care Record displays information in sections known as widgets or pods. Each section is not a full copy of a person’s record from each organisation that is providing them with care, but a set of important information intended to give you access to the most useful information quickly .

The same type of information from different sources may be displayed in more than one place within the London Care Record due to the different ways in which the information is shared from each service and their electronic record systems. For example, GP medications will usually be in the GP record widget, but hospital medications may be in the Medications widget.

For most health and care organisations information is relayed to the London Care Record directly from the original record and so always instantly presents the most up-to-date information. The information is refreshed each time you re-open the record.

However, some organisations, such as Out of Hours and urgent care services, have systems that  “batch” information up and send this to the London Care Record once or twice a day. In these cases, the information will be current up to 12-24 hours previous.

Secure sharing of information between health and care services is essential for safe and effective care. The London Care Record can be used whenever you are providing care for an individual.

While you do not need to ask a person’s consent to view their information in the London Care Record it is important to be transparent and inform them that you are accessing their record whenever possible. 

The London Care Record does not send notifications when there is new information about a person or replace any current methods of communication between services. For example, hospital results and letters will continue to be sent to an individual’s GP. Responsibility for delivering results outcomes and treatment decisions remains with the professional who ordered an investigation.

There is no print facility within the London Care Record. You should also not take screen shots as this creates risks around data security, record duplication and out-of-date information being used.  

The London Care Record is read-only and you cannot change information within it. This can only be done using your organisation’s clinical record systems where information is recorded in the normal way.

The ownership of data remains with the organisation who provided it. If you need a copy of a report or result that has not been sent to your organisation directly, you will need to contact the organisation the information originated from to request a copy.

The London Care Record will be available within your own clinical or electronic record system when you open the record for a person in your care.

The technology used to create the London Care Record is the Cerner Health Information Exchange (HIE). Depending on your record system, the London Care Record may be labelled differently – for example, as ‘HIE’.

You do not need a separate password for the London Care Record when this is being accessed from within your organisation’s electronic record system.

You can find an up to date list of organisations that use the London Care Record here.

Access to the London Care Record is based on existing role-based access rights to your organisation’s electronic record system. This means that if you have access to health and care information about a person within your existing record system, you will have access to their information via the London Care Record.

You can find an up to date list of organisations that use the London Care Record here.

Patients and service users do not have access to the London Care Record therefore cannot view their own information through it.

The London Care Record can only be opened through the secure record systems already in place in each organisation via secure networks.

Only staff who already have access rights to view a patient or service user record as part of their role in their own organisation will be able to see the London Care Record for an individual.

As with your existing record system, regular audits will be carried out to check that access is being used appropriately with a legitimate reason.

It may be helpful to reassure patients or service users that information in the London Care Record will only be used by health and care professionals directly involved in their care. Information can only be accessed via a secure network to support the delivery of their care. More information for the public, including answers to frequently asked questions can be found here.

People can choose to object to their information being shared for direct care.

It is important to make sure that they understand that not providing access to their records may affect the care they receive. In many situations, information needs to be shared between services in order to deliver care. However, it may be possible to arrange for specific or sensitive information not to be made available.

There may also be some situations where information still needs to be shared. For example, if there is a serious concern about a person’s safety.

If they do wish to object, individuals should be advised to contact the person providing care to them at each organisation who holds records about their care. Each organisation will have their own process to manage objections.

Please contact your organisation’s Data Protection Officer (DPO) if you require more information about how to handle objections locally.

Please contact your normal IT service helpdesk if you experience any technical problems with the London Care Record.

If less information is available than you are expecting to see, please check that you have reset any filters.

The Summary Care Record is a national programme which provides valuable benefits to patients by sharing a limited set of information from the GP record across the country, predominantly to support urgent care.

The London Care Record provides a much broader set of data to support the delivery of direct care to individuals. This includes information from acute trusts, GPs, social care providers, mental health, community and Out of Hours services. The level of information included in the London Care Record will be much greater and for some providers include documents such as discharge summaries and radiology reports.

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