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London Care Record exceeds 50 million views

The London Care Record has now been used over 50 million times by frontline health and care staff helping them provide faster, safer and more effective care across the Capital and beyond (9 July 2024).

Introduced in 2020 the London Care Record is a single and secure view of a person’s health and care information across different parts of the NHS and social care. It helps ensure frontline staff have the information they need about a person when they need it, to inform their clinical decision-making.

It includes any conditions which a person has, their test results, medicines, allergies and plans for their care and other useful information such as hospital discharge summaries is also available within the record.

The London Care Record was used almost 2.2 million times in May, which is a new monthly record. It is now regularly used by over 100,000 different health and care staff in London and some neighbouring areas. Only staff involved in a person’s care are allowed to access the information.

Several key developments have helped the London Care Record reach this milestone including:

  • More connections: thanks to new connections including Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children and more of the Capital’s care homes staff in more health and care organisations can now use the London Care Record.
  • More pan-London data sharing: more hospitals such as London North West University Healthcare and Moorfields Eye Hospital are now sharing patient information in the London Care Record helping to make it an even richer tool for frontline staff. This includes South London and Maudsley and Tavistock and Portman Trusts who are the first Mental Health Trusts to share information across London supporting more joined-up care for people with mental health conditions.
  • Connecting more communities: through new connections with areas like Oxford, Bedfordshire, Suffolk and North East Essex we are supporting staff provide more joined-up care for patients who are referred for treatment and care in the Capital.
  • Improved access: the mobile app version of the London Care Record allows our ambulance teams to view important information about the people they are treating while responding to calls.

The London Care Record also saves our frontline staff valuable time. Last year OneLondon published an independent report by Queen’s University Belfast that showed that by January 2023 the London Care Record had already saved health and care professionals’ time up to a value of £44.4 million.

OneLondon has ambitious plans to work with partners to build on this success including more connections, such as care homes and more areas neighbouring London, as well as continuing to improve access to the London Care Record and enhancing the richness of the information it contains. 

Luke Readman, Director of Digital Transformation, NHS England (London Region), said:

“It is absolutely fantastic that the London Care Record has now been used over 50 million times. That is over 50 million moments of care that have been supported by health and care staff having the information they need when they need it. And an independent study has showed that it also saves staff millions of pounds worth of time each month. Thanks to everyone involved in making the London Care Record an essential and must have tool for our frontline staff that genuinely supports more effective, safer and quicker care. I look forward to our continued work together expanding this tool even further so even more patients benefit.”

Dr Claire Charley, Consultant in Emergency Medicine and Emergency Department Clinical Lead at Homerton University Hospital, said:

“We have nothing but praise for the London Care Record. It is part of our information gathering and helps us connect the dots. Whether outpatient letters, discharge summaries or radiology reports the wide range of information that can be seen in the London Care Record is just fantastic – especially for those working in urgent care. And it is all available at a click of a link 24/7. Come and have a look at the London Care Record – once you have used it and discover what it can give you, you won’t ever want to not have it.”

Dr Agatha Nortley-Meshe, South London GP and NHS England (London) Regional Medical Director for Primary Care, said:

“What is particularly great about the London Care Record is that it gives me access to information I wouldn’t otherwise have such as ambulance records, discharge summaries and future appointments. These can all be critical to a person’s story and helps me understand the full picture about a patient so I can make informed decisions. It is about continuity of care.”

You can find out more about the London Care Record here.

OneLondon has produced material promoting the London Care Record to further increase its use by health and care staff for the benefit of patients. You can download the promotional material here.

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