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Londoners can now view their sickle cell care plans via the NHS App

Londoners with sickle cell disease can now view their Universal Care Plan (UCP) via the NHS App, giving them reassurance that their care plans are communicated correctly to those health and care professionals looking after them (22 May 2024).

The UCP is an NHS service that enables every Londoner to have their care plans and wishes digitally shared with health and care professionals across the Capital, helping to ensure they get the joined-up care they need and want.

Introduced in July 2022 to initially support End-of-Life and palliative care planning in March the UCP was extended to also support people with sickle cell disease, helping to ensure they get the right care wherever they are in the Capital by joining up information between primary, community, urgent and emergency care services.

To date around 1,400 sickle cell care plans have been created using the UCP. Staff at haematology centres agree the care plan with their patients which may include preventative day to day management and guidance for ward staff and ambulance and emergency care services. 

From this week these sickle cell patients could view their UCP via the NHS App or web browser, helping to give them reassurance that their care plans are being communicated correctly. This is particularly important for sickle cell patients as it can be deeply debilitating disease with patients often experiencing periods of intense pain.

Work is also underway to enable patients to create and edit their care plans using the NHS App and web browser and we expect this function to be available later in the year.

Dr Banu Kaya, Consultant in Paediatric Haematology & Co-chair of the UCP Sickle Cell Delivery Group, said:

“Sickle cell patients often experience periods of crisis and intense pain so it is really important that everyone involved in their care and treatment can access their care plan so they can best meet the patient’s needs. But it is also really important that patients know their plans are being communicated correctly. It is great news that patients can now see this for themselves via the NHS App giving them much needed reassurance.”

For more information about the NHS App integration, or the wider UCP Programme, please visit their website where you can also subscribe to their newsletter.

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