Making a difference in South East London

In 2020 the London Care Record was launched.

This is a single and secure view of a person’s health and care information which helps ensure frontline staff have the information they need about a person when they need it, wherever they are in London.

In South East London alone it is currently used by around 17,000 frontline staff each month to inform their clinical decision making and support them provide quicker, more effective and safer care.

Here are just a few examples of how it has made a difference (17 May 2023).

Alfie's story
An A&E consultant was working during a weekend and was told a child with kidney failure and complications may be about to be transferred from King’s hospital to Guy’s. He looked up the young boy’s London Care Record (LCR). The LCR told him that the boy was in intensive care at King’s under general anaesthetic. The consultant then decided to make arrangements for the boy to be transferred to Evelina where he’d get the best care. Once the boy was transferred a paediatrician at Evelina used the LCR again to get a good picture of all his care at King’s. They were able to treat the boy whilst he sat up in bed and played video games. The use of the LCR helped avoid confusion and ensured that the boy was transferred to the best place for his care.

“I assessed a breathless patient over the phone who had significant palpitations and felt faint. I was almost certainly going to arrange an ambulance but then on accessing the London Care Record it came to light he had a background of anxiety and was on propranolol. He hadn’t taken his medication that morning. I advised him to take it. I eventually called the patient back to reassess and he was symptom free. I was able to give him the best support and treatment and freed up an ambulance to treat patients elsewhere.”

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