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Many Londoners benefitting from personalised care and support with the Universal Care Plan

Over a year on from the launch of the Universal Care Plan across London over 24,000 new care plans have been created on the platform and frontline staff viewed care plans over 300,000 times. This is helping to ensure people get better personalised care and support and that their care preferences are respected (4 October 2023).

The Universal Care Plan (UCP) is a dynamic integrated care planning solution, provided by Better. Initially supporting End-of-Life care planning, it enables every Londoner to have their key health and social care information, support network, and preferences for wishes about their care digitally shared with healthcare professionals across the Capital. 

Previously, care plans were not consistently connected or accessible between care providers. However, with the implementation of the UCP and collaboration with programmes such as OneLondon, patient care and treatment preferences can now be easily viewed by health and care professionals across London’s vast health and care network.

More than 24,000 new personalised care plans have now been created, and health professionals have viewed care plans over 300,000 times. This is helping to ensure that more patients receive the care and outcomes they desire when they reach the end of their life including being able to die in their preferred setting.

This year the UCP will integrate with the NHS App to allow patients to access to their care plans. Work is also underway to launch the platform within the National Record Locator so that Londoners with a UCP care plan will have their preferences and wishes of care accessible to urgent care services regardless of the location in England.

Following its success and positive feedback from health and care staff work is also underway to expand the use of the UCP to other areas of care including supporting patients with dementia, frailty and sickle cell disease. 

The ultimate goal is to provide better, digitalised healthcare for all conditions and population groups across all health services and enable personalised care planning for patients across London.

Nick Tigere, Head of Universal Care Plan Programme, said:

“This is a remarkable achievement that not only enables more individuals access to personalised care and support when they need it most, but it also gives healthcare practitioners the confidence that they are acting in line with their patients’ wishes. Together, we have harnessed the potential of technology to facilitate compassionate care, ensuring that a patient’s choice remains paramount.”

Gary McAllister, Chief Technology Officer and National Executive Director for Technology Strategy, Architecture and Standards at NHS England and OneLondon, said:

“Just in its first year the Universal Care Plan has already made a huge positive difference to the lives of so many people in the Capital. It really showcases how technology can transform healthcare for the benefit of the public and I am excited at how OneLondon and Better will develop this further over the years ahead.”

Alastair Allen, Chief Technology Officer at Better, said:

“We are excited to witness how the Better platform will continue to support Londoners, their families, and professionals alike. By leveraging the power of this technology, we are empowering the healthcare ecosystem to provide more efficient, personalised, and compassionate care to those in need.”

You can find out more about the UCP here.

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