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Meet Team OneLondon – Fernando Beraza

With new connections and new pan-London data sharing it has been a very busy month for the London Care Record. In our latest Team OneLondon feature we are delighted to hear from our Chief Architect, Fernando Beraza, who talks about this work and why it matters so much (21 February 2024).

What does your work involve?

I could mention things like SNOMED codes and APIs!! But essentially it is about how we design and develop the London Care Record. We want to do this in a way that allows as many health and care professionals as possible to see the information they need when they need it to maximise the benefit for the patients they are caring for across London and its neighbouring communities.

The London Care Record is complicated. Including GP surgeries it brings together information from well over a thousand health and care settings who use a range of different electronic record systems. We need to do this effectively by ensuring the London Care Record is built on robust and solid foundations using the very best design principles and interoperability standards.

Fernando Beraza

This means building the best possible architecture for the London Care Record so it is easier and quicker for health and care providers to tap into it to share or view patient information regardless of the care setting, technology suppliers and data complexity.

This helps improve the range of information available in the London Care Record and enable more health and care staff to use it. It is how we have progressed to over 100,000 staff using the tool over one and a half million times a month.  

What’s your background?

I have a strong technical background with over 15 years’ experience in system integrations, shared care records and population health. This has helped me be part of the evolution of some of the most ground-breaking advances in the healthcare interoperability industry in the country in recent history.

What’s your proudest achievement in terms of the London Care Record?

My proudest achievement is working in partnership with so many different people to ensure health and care staff in London and neighbouring communities have the right patient information at the point of care to support them make optimum clinical decisions for the best possible outcome for patients.

The NHS providers in London are tackling some huge challenges trying to look after a 10 million population, coordinate a complex set of health and care services and support the diverse needs of patients. Through the London Care Record we aim to play our part supporting them to do this.

So it was great to see an independent study published back in the autumn that showed the London Care Record had saved health and care time up to a value of over £44 million.

But what is even better is the stories we hear from frontline staff about how the London Care Record supports them provide the best possible care. This includes quicker hospital admissions or discharges, safer prescribing of medications and saving staff time that they can then better spend with patients. I am really proud that all the technical work we do behind the scenes makes such an important difference to the care people actually receive.

It has been one of the busiest months ever for the LCR’s development – what has happened?

It certainly has been busy. So far in February three major hospitals have started sharing patient information across the Capital through the London Care Record, as has Out of Hours GP Services in Hackney and City of London. And we have connected Oxford University Hospitals so their staff can use the London Care Record. And the month isn’t even over yet!!

The ‘go lives’ of these projects are often the culmination of many months of collaborative work between multiple providers, ICS leads and the OneLondon team. The fact that we are having some of the busiest months of the programme only shows that we’ve been working hard over the past months. It really is a team effort that involves so many different people. But we know it is making such a difference.

What’s next for the London Care Record?

The OneLondon ‘to do list’ is very long. Whether connecting more care homes, community services or pharmacies to the London Care Record we have more ongoing projects than ever before.

But thanks to some great collaboration with our partners like ICSs, over time we have been able to streamline how we deliver some of the most complex projects and make an efficient use of the resources. We have learned some important lessons over the last few years.

I am excited about our plans to really try and maximise the potential of the London Care Record for the benefit of patients.

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