Friendly pediatrician checking a little girls heart

Supporting transfer of care from ICU to Paediatrics

Setting: Acute Care, A&E, Intensive Care, Paediatrics

“Whilst working during a weekend, I received a call that a child with kidney failure and complications was going to be transferred from King’s College Hospital to Guy’s Hospital. When I didn’t receive a further call, I looked up the patient on the shared care record. This confirmed that the boy was currently in intensive care at King’s under general anaesthetic.

“I therefore made arrangements for the patient to be transferred to Evelina specialist children’s hospital where he could receive the best care.

“Once the boy was transferred, the paediatric team at the Evelina used the shared care record again to get a good picture of his care at King’s. They were able to treat him whilst he sat up in bed and played video games!

“The use of the shared care record helped to avoid confusion and ensured that our young patient was transferred to the best place for his care.”

A&E Consultant, South East London

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