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What’s in a name? – UCP Renaming

From this week the UCP will be described as the ‘London Universal Care Plan’. The journey has started to use the UCP’s technology to support pathways beyond urgent and End of Life care (3 February 2023).

Towards the end of January clinical groups across London came together to explore how the UCP technology could be used to create care plans for people with sickle cell disease, dementia, frailty, children and young people, asthma, mental health needs, learning disabilities, autism and others. As such, stakeholders agreed that ‘Universal’ was a more fitting description than ‘Urgent’.

The system used to create, view and update care plans will look the same, but be called the ‘London Universal Care Plan’. Whilst the urgent care plan sections will remain unchanged, the overall structure of London’s digital personalised care plan will evolve. This will include any new care plan sections that are created to support specific personalised needs such as asthma, sickle cell disease or learning disabilities.

The programme name has also changed to the ‘Universal Care Plan Programme’.

The Twitter handle has also changed to @LondonUCP, and new branded materials will be published and available on the website:

The UCP Team, OneLondon and other partners are excited about the new opportunities to ensure that “what matters to me” is just as important as “what’s the matter with me.”

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